Lou Belle Space is a space where you can use it as a place for work, meeting, music show, art show, galleries, book launch, talk show or maybe just a place for hanging out with your friends.We’re currently housing few collectives in our space. To name a few, Convert Textured, NOUV, Infisuel, Moko Discover and Lucky Me Music are based in our space. Also there is Northwood that will serve you their finest coffee and foods. Locating in a very strategic area at Setiabudi Street 56, Bandung, Lou Belle Space can be your perfect place for your needs.

Lou Belle Space was a shop that been active since the opening in 2009 until the closing in early 2019 as a lifestyle shop. Selling stuff from fashion, toys, to CD and vinyl. Back in the days, when Lou Belle was still named Monik House, Setiabudi 56 were the key place for Bandung indie scene, as well as the toy collector scene. Up until this day, our space still hold a strong position as the place for the scene. (Mirza & Kuyasunda).